Where it all starts ;
Today I watched the evening news , quite a rare occurrence for me, most times 9 pm would find me in transit getting home. And it happened again!.

I am usually on the forefront championing against anyone getting their main source of information from mainstream media but such cases have lately been on for a while.
A story is told of how some law abiding citizen raised an issue against the system and what follows is that they are nowhere to be found.
Young, courageous visionaries who are more than societal transformers fall before their time for the most absurd reasons, this usually disheartening as it destroys hopes of a future that were to be.

There have been countless disappearances that have transpired and robbed of the society those who had the courage to express interest in the betterment of the land.
With them dies the glimpse of betterment that they in the short period of their existence had been able to light up despite all the odds faced.
Executions have been perfected almost to an art, how silencing of all those who seem to shake grounds with their insightful visions that would otherwise have propelled us to greater heights, further than our wildest dreams

Nationalism is a belief,political ideology that involves an individual identifying with, or becoming attached to, one’s nation-(Wikipedia).

The pain, heartbreaks, hate and heaviness of the constant losses rarely comes to light and when it does, it’s usually marred with noises that inhibit the right voices from being heard.

Behind the backdrops lies widows, parents, sons, and daughters who can never be the same for all that they knew is flipped in an instant with the demise of a loved one.

Of ones who once provided strength, comfort and inspiration are eliminated leaving a family that can only wipe off the tears and wonder why it happened to them at all.


The Good News
Playing matchups, we always will as long as our nation is spearheaded towards the interest of the few but eventually this will come to an end with the awakening of the need for fairness .
Times are changing, the game evolving, the current demands so different that humble and good intentioned leadership will be able to stand well with what needs to be.

The right and the means to examine the process of decision making is known as transparency. In politics, transparency is used as a means of holding public officials accountable and fighting corruption – (Wikipedia).

Am looking to take the opportunity in making sure that we are headed where we once believed, we were destined to.