Up until a few months ago, I dreamt of an enterprise of my own that I could run. I saw myself taking a seat, sighing at the end of a productive day and rest knowing that I have poured out sweat all I had in building an empire.

The past few months have been full of experiences , a huge chunk of bad choices and small wins occasionally that have kept me going.

It all began as I ran through a couple of tentative ideas that seemed valid enough to follow bearing in mind I had lots of interests that I felt I needed to deep my toes into and venture out.

It didn’t take too long to realise that it all sounded better in my head and getting it out was the actual task.

After much soul-searching, talking to a whole lot of friends, entrepreneurs and a few business challenged individuals, finally I settled upon an idea that I naively thought would be booming in no time.

More determined about getting all set up, effectively got to register company, approached my then bank hoping that since I had faithfully trusted them to handle my little monies for two years, we had something going on, you know, and there I stumbled upon my first lesson,

First lesson : Banks are not like your girlfriend(s).

The shock was on me. My time with them was not in doubt but my credit score was. On further scrutiny, I could not access their facilities especially since I was not on any one’s payroll.

Being as it were, got categorised among the would be too much of a risk that they were not ready to venture into.

There’s is a language of numbers .

I hovered around many such institutions and not only did I pose much of a threat , I had to trust them with money that I didn’t have for a few months to be able to be evaluated for any form financial facility.

Second Lesson : Be ready for the unexpected and listen up

During such a time I met with an old acquaintance, we connected, chatted for a few only to realise that he was in the same kind of business that I had aspirations for. Hallelujah.

Meeting him altered the course that I then to took in my approach towards establishing this empire that was already dimming before inception.

I got critical pieces of advice that allowed me to propel my hustles by bounds bringing a broader aspect of what I was then looking into.

Taking a different perspective in approach against my then well laid out plans, I adopted a whole lot of other ways of tackling matters.

Times got hard and accessing finances kept proving a challenge and furthermore it gets quite confusing as expenses keep piling and you have no idea how and when this venture could get to see daylight .

Third lesson : Take the plunge

On many occasions, opportunities arose and I ended up spending time thinking about it and at the very end taking the very same options that I would have in the first place resulting in so much time lost thus delaying chances of falling fast.

Getting it right the first time is what I craved for at least most people do, don’t forget to leave room for the understanding that there are a few mistakes bound to straighten up your trade.

The ones I did afford were painful and expensive, the best part about it, though, I learnt how to gain yards taking lessers strides.

Lesson Four : It doesn’t matter how hard you get hit, Get back up.

It’s not been that long although it feels like decades already due to the vast challenges that have been unveiled.

With countless missteps taken, having fell many times and beyond all this, it has not been easy I can assure you, neither has it been a bed of roses either but through much support and prayers I have kept on going and the fulfilment with some pinches, of course, grants satisfaction.

courtesy of pexels

The determination to see to it through as long as I humanly can has played a big role to getting this far.

More often you get hit when you least expect it.

What counts for the moment is I did start, now onto the next hurdle that’s presented as for how to keep it going, learning never stops, so I heard.