Hey Sweetheart,

As I stare at the clear full moon, it reminds me of a time when we first met.

under the moonlit night, your eyes would shine brighter than any of the stars in the sky.

My heart be melting every time you smiled,  that you did countless times

Today, as we walked home, I have to admit,

  Not a word you said was caught in the web of memories.

Am amazed by myself, as I clearly remember the first time I saw you.
 In a peach top and dark blue jean skirt, you walked in and the room lit up.
Sadly it has come to this,  I have tried but I can’t picture what you wore today.
A lot, we’ve been through and for sure the sun our witness,
Through the loud laughs,  tough low valleys alike.

For sure Time has moved so fast;  chubby, bubbly girl,

We met decades ago, but it all lingers like yesterday

My body keeps failing, but I promise I’ll hold onto you beyond this world.