Nine Differences between Being Wise and Smart

PHP: Saving America Through Free Enterprise

I recently attended a leadership conference in Miami hosted by Inc. Magazine that led me to write this blog. One of the evenings, I had the opportunity to have dinner at Avalon restaurant on Ocean Drive with two partners of a software company from New York. We talked about business, sports, life, parenting, politics, and many other debatable topics. At the end of the evening we found areas we agreed in and other areas we didn’t, which led one of the partners to say this: “I think we can all agree that I have beliefs that you can’t change my mind about and you have ones that I can’t change your mind about, either.”

My immediate response was that neither one of us are eighty-five years old and set in our own ways, with certain sets of beliefs that can’t be challenged or made stronger. I believe this is one…

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Tribute to a Best Friend

Tribute to a Best Friend

With a humble smile and a dark neatly combed afro, You added more smiles to life, so many thoughts and memories flood my mind each time I get to write, partly confused of where I should start.
Brought together by our ideas, thoughts, preferences, hate, believes, interests and Family. you being the kind and humble one through thick and thin, encouraging and ready to tackle challenges, you’ve always soldiered on with vigor and bravery.
The pain and sadness is great, Hillary, you’ve left a big hole and I can never thank you enough for the friend, confidant and brother you are.

Creating a simple rails blog app

on your Terminal :

run :

1.rails new blog

>you should have ; pcname@pcname-:~$

cd blog/

2. rails generate scaffold Article title:string content:text date:datetime

3. rails generate scaffold Comments content:title date:datetime

>cd ..   then  subl blog after that cd blog

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live life fully



Describing the last weeks  in rich detail would most likely be a challenge to me as Wow, its been Wonderful. — The setting has been so accommodative, met with amazing beautiful  people, got some real life hands on experience in coding particularly, the expects are i mean…….. Really good at what they do.(am getting there)

We may be from different worlds but all the major issues are really more of the same, be it in Nairobi, Berlin, Capetown and the other cities i never got here about but deep down on the roots we simply are not any different.. .


The sights of the the regions  that i do want to get to linger in my mind and as we part dear friend am left with that feeling (“why did it have to be now”) then again i have my moments..Get to appreciate all that is in your reach and more so don’t forget them…