Who Am I ?


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A Human curbed in a circle of nothingness,

grateful for a bunch of niceties, recovering from misplaced loses,

how uncertain circumstances  enforce misdirected attention,

of a life full of pleasant greatness,

but ofcourse nothing short of misinformed choices.

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Getting Started with Django


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In a quest of being adept at working with data, understanding a languange / frameworks that works well in numbers manipulation is essential.

Python is a language vastly used within the datascience disciplines with lots of libraries and packages that support it.

Django is a web frontend framework that encourages rapid development with a clean pragmatic design

Before we get started, you’ll need to have; Continue reading

as timeless as the moon


Hey Sweetheart,

As I stare at the clear full moon, it reminds me of a time when we first met.

under the moonlit night, your eyes would shine brighter than any of the stars in the sky.

My heart be melting every time you smiled,  that you did countless times

Today, as we walked home, I have to admit,

  Not a word you said was caught in the web of memories.

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Owning a Government


In order to advance, unity is important. Doing things together should be at the peak of establishing a healthy working ecosystem within any institution which we can thrive despite being advancely flawed and vastly diverse.

The role of you and I play as active citizens is vital.

 Do the citizens have a say as voters?

YES, citizens are NOT just consumers, but creators as well. We have to take up responsibility and understand that in a democracy, we have the responsibility to be co-authors of how it should work for the better. Continue reading


So You think Entrepreneurship is cool ? Think Again


Up until a few months ago, I dreamt of an enterprise of my own that I could run. I saw myself taking a seat, sighing at the end of a productive day and rest knowing that I have poured out sweat all I had in building an empire.

The past few months have been full of experiences , a huge chunk of bad choices and small wins occasionally that have kept me going.

It all began as I ran through a couple of tentative ideas that seemed valid enough to follow bearing in mind I had lots of interests that I felt I needed to deep my toes into and venture out. Continue reading

Why I Love My Country but not for Democracy.


Where it all starts ;
Today I watched the evening news , quite a rare occurrence for me, most times 9 pm would find me in transit getting home. And it happened again!.

I am usually on the forefront championing against anyone getting their main source of information from mainstream media but such cases have lately been on for a while.
A story is told of how some law abiding citizen raised an issue against the system and what follows is that they are nowhere to be found.
Young, courageous visionaries who are more than societal transformers fall before their time for the most absurd reasons, this usually disheartening as it destroys hopes of a future that were to be.

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MozfestEA-2015 :Recap from a Kenyan Civic Technologist


No warnings had been issued that a heavy military presence would form part of the festivities. Walking confidently past a couple of patrons that I had assumed were setting up early on the morning of the festival’s second day, I headed for the main entrance to the common Hall at Victoria University library where the day’s events were about to kick off with several keynote speeches and was to be graced by the president himself.

epic scare on day two

Just a few feet from the door, a well-built man clad in full military attire stopped me in my tracks and asked if I had been cleared.

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My beloved is hooked on graft

img_0267In light on recent theatrics it’s clear that it is all about Snorting tender after tender, the goal has been to push through to the next hit. I’ve watched yet another upsetting scandal on my newsfeed, saddening that this particular one wouldn’t matter just like the other ones, by sunrise.

Having lost sight of the entire vision , focus has shifted to hits and nothing interests the high and mighty even when the commoners are promptly and religiously served lump sum plates of frustrations.

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Dobro Jutro Sunce


I rouse deep in contemplation Miesnoqiz,

of light blueness impacted by your presence,

thrust to my lazy frame, purpose to my call.

Strong memory of heart-pounding belly twisting nervousness,

shepherded by adrenaline justified by delight,

Joy to my cherished heart, without which a bitter,

parched one would lord over, dark and unwelcoming to the world.

spare me the news, let me rejoice in the glory,of a time when naivety,

my pillar and source of confidence,

as i know not a glimpse of fear nor the taste of defeat,

thus let me strive where mere’s wouldn’t,

why do we hide ?

A picture worth 1000 words. Image credit: “safe” – © 2007 Paul Keller

underneath the rumbles, lies exceptional grandness ,

striving to cover up, so the world may not see,

the marvelous greatness, barred within,

‘complicated’  it may seem, realize it’s not ,

cause you know, deep within you ought release,

the captain iced for decades.

Its in the dark that a ray,  lights brightest.